Tyres what should I do?


What size tyres do I need?

We are talking much larger than factory here...

"What are the biggest tires I can put on with what my suspension lift?"

A: It depends on why you want taller tires. If you want to look cool, slap on the biggest set you can fit under the guards and ignore the rubbing, if you want to get out there and stop to chat to fat chicks knowing they cannot get in do the same. If you want better off road ability, read on. I suggest you keep your stock tire size and go for mud tyres as a start unless you want to spend money to do the job correctly.

First off, ask yourself: "Why do I want bigger tires?"

All tall tires buy you is some additional diff clearance. On a Toyota 4x4, clearance isn't usually the weak link in off road ability, unless you spend a lot of time in deep mud, deeply rutted roads, or deep snow. Even if you do spend a lot of time in "deep dodo" the money can be arguably better spent elsewhere with better gains, there are other options. Here are several reasons to think before going larger tyres:

You'll lose low-end torque, because you'll effectively change the gear ratio. Each rev of the engine will turn the wheel the same number of degrees as before, but since the radius is greater, you'll be turning more circumference. You can change your axle gears. For the reason above (unless you put on the new axle gears), your speedometer will read low. And sometimes even with the new gears it may still be a little off.

Bigger tires are heavier, and the weight is all un-sprung, so it will beat your suspension harder, and can make for a rougher ride. I think it's also rougher on the brakes, but they should still pull you up just be aware if you are towing that they are working harder.

Wider tires can cause a little wandering on the pavement and increase your rolling resistance. You'll pay for this at the gas pump.

Your mother, wife, girlfriend, Boyfriend, drunk mates or whatever, will complain that it's harder to get into the truck (this could be a good thing!). Don't underestimate the grief this could cause you in the end tho, I still have my rig. Also with bigger tires your center of gravity will be higher, making you less stable in turns, unless you get tires that are somewhat wider, in which case you'll need fender flares to keep from attracting the boy's in blue, especially in the rain, there can be more body roll effect too meaning stronger swaybars.
You won't usually get any extra traction over standard tyre sizes except in situations where you'd otherwise be high-centered or scraping the diff. The truth is, if traction is your goal, get a traction aid for the rear (LSD, posi or locker) and keep the stock tire size with mud pattern or if you prefer, get a winch. In fact, a lot of people recommend getting a winch first, because a locker tends to only get you further into the muck where you get REALLY stuck and then really wish you had that winch... a winch is also easier on gear and can be moved to another 4wd or still used when you do the lift and larger tyres.

In summary

If you're not prepared to spend more money or are just out to impress the girls I'd spend the money in getting a winch, protection and lockers at both ends before a suspension lift. Then you can spend a lot of time pulling out your friends with tall tires and open diffs. If you really want tall tires, you'll need to spend some money to make them work.

Come in for a chat, we can even roll out various options to see what suits your vehicle :)

What type of tyres do I need?

4wd tyres come in a variety of different sizes and tread patterns and sometimes are made for very specific uses, there are a lot of options in a tyre, the width the height the brand  the longevity the road characteristics the tread type the list really goes on! Read this section and feel free to come in for a chat maybe even take a vehicle with more aggressive tyres for a quick trip around the block to see what they are like. Most standard 4wd vehicles will come with a Highway Terrain (HT) or All Terrain (AT) 4wd tyre this is for ride comfort and all around ability lets go into more detail.

The HT tread pattern

Usually a less aggressive tread design than the AT with the HT tyres designed to be used mainly on-road, it has great wear on road, great stopping ability on road and is happy with corners when towing. The HT tyres have little ability to handle much in the way dirt or mud as the HT tread design will fill with mud easily, is more shallow and less aggressive than the All terrain and Mud terrain tyres.

All Terrain Tread Pattern

All Terrain tyres are able to handle more dirt and mud in between its tread, they clear better, and provide more grip and drivability off road, because of extra depth and aggression in the design of the tyres tread pattern. Whilst being more aggressive the AT is still designed to be used on-road without too many adverse effects, they are more flexible in the side wall and generally softer compound so wear more. The last thing is being more aggressive in tread pattern there is less in contact with the road at road pressures. AT Tyres are not only 50% road 50% offroad there are many design's going through the range to 20% road 80% offroad, we can find something to suit even if you only want the wurrrrr noise of tyres on the road!

Mud Terrain tread pattern

Mud Terrain (MT) tyres are 4wd tyres made primarily to be used for serious off-road driving, they have a very aggressive, deep tread design, made to handle large amounts of dirt and mud. These tyres are very knobbly and when used on-road can create a noisy, uncomfortable ride at high speeds and wear down far faster. Most drivers using Mud Terrain tyres understand the limitations of these tyres and they are perfectly safe to be used on-road but inexperienced drivers should take care to understand the handling characteristics of these aggressive tyres when used at high speed. Stopping distances, wheel balancing and vibrations are all side effects in some but we have a lot of options and tread patterns so talk to us and we will work out what suits you.

Give us a call today and speak to us about your tyre needs, we will discuss your options and find something suitable.

In summary

If you're not going offroad and are just out to impress the girls we can find something you like the look of and advise its adverse effects. If you want to spend time pulling out your friends andf getting further offroad you need tires to suit your driving and the type of offroading you do. We compete, trail break and recover others so have a good idea of what really can work.

Give us a call today and speak to us about your tyre needs, we will discuss your options and find something suitable or come in for a chat, we can even roll out various options to see what suits your vehicle :)


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