Should I fit Bullbars?

Should I fit Bullbars?

Your truck or SUV is a highly polished, performance machine that women and men alike ignore and just pull out in front of? It is only natural that you should want to ramp up the style and flair of the truck to reflect your personality, as well as of course adding a bit more protection is important! The fact a butch truck attracts more looks (love and Hate) has nothing to do with it, protection is recommended particularly if you intend to take that truck off-road and want it to remain in good condition. Bull bars, side protection bars, winch bars, also light bars, can be an excellent option for your needs. What are they? Who needs them? How do you ensure that you get a quality product? Here, you will find the answers to these questions and many more, as well.

What Are Bull Bars?

Bull bars are generally tubular steel constructions or folded steel that fit on the front of your truck. They attach very strongly to the truck and usually allow you to add a winch, lights, and provide more protection for the vehicle, as well as providing a skid plate under the truck to help protect the engine from debris and obstacles that you might encounter in your adventures. You can find light alloy bars but even tho they look good and are shiny these can bend and you cannot jack off them. They are fine for bling bling and mounting lights for impressing girls (or boys if you are female or into that) but not serious offroad protection or mounting winches.

Who Needs Bull Bars?

Because of the more butch look and increased protection they provide, these accessories are ideal for anyone who might spend time on unpaved surfaces, want old ladies, small car owners etc to pull over to let you pass or change lanes and of course the perfect thing fro the ram raid... Whether you are going rock climbing or heading out to the local supermarket these accessories provide vital protection to the underside lights and panels of your truck and the reputation to instill fear in everyone else.

What Brands Can Benefit?

You will discover that bull bars can fit almost any truck or SUV. There are sets manufactured for Toyotas, Fords, Jeeps and more. If you own a truck or SUV, then chances are good that you will be able to install a set of these beauties and enjoy the increased style, courtesy on the road and protection they afford you if they don't leave space for you to get out of a car park.

What Makes a Good Set?

Diameter of the Bars - Bull bars come in a wide range of styles and diameters. Generally, the thicker the diameter of the tubes, the larger the truck they are designed to fit. For instance, a full size nissan Safari would benefit from a set of 3-inch bull bars, while a Toyota hilux a set of 2-inch bull bars would be more in proportion (Yes size matters to the girls but so does the overall look). The things you really want is for it to have mounting points for a winch, aerial, tow hooks and lights, you like it, it is strong and it is not out of proportion like Angela Jolie's lips.


The finish of your bars is yet another consideration that should not be taken lightly. You will certainly find chromed steel bars out there so you can blind yourself when you flash the lights. These can be excellent options, particularly if you park outside the local gay bar. However, if you anticipate taking your vehicle off road, you should consider powder coated bars, as these tend to be a bit more durable, able to be re-touched in the face of hard use (Jack it straight, weld in additional bracing, replace sections) and can be modified later on.


How does your set of bars install? This is an important consideration. Most sets simply bolt on, but you will find some that require a bit more. Purchasing a set of bull bars that you can install on your own is a great way to save some cash, but you will need to ensure that you have the tools on hand (beer and sticking plasters?) that the job requires.

I would recommend fitting bullbars and side bars as an early option as you get more aggressive you will find you will start getting "beauty marks" on your 4wd (aka dents) without bars you will replace lights indicators and sills to keep getting warrants, you will also add a lift at some point and the suspension will need to take into account the real weight and balance of the 4wd.

Remember after all this info you can come in for a chat, we can even show you images of various options for of your vehicle :)


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