Getting Started

I want to get a 4wd, what one is best?

Well now what a question, lets see if we can find some more target questions...

  • What sort of offroading do you want to do? Farm Tracks, River work, Adventure tracks
  • How much space do you need? 2 door - 2 seat, 2 door - 4 seat 4 door - 4 seat 4 door - 4+ seats
  • Bodyshell? Ute, Wagon, soft top, swb, mwb, lwb
  • How far are you driving?
  • Is it a dedicated 4wd or multi purpose?
  • How long will you be away?
  • How much gear do you take away?

There is no perfect 4wd but with a little thinking, planning and tweaking (just like a Russian Bride) you can get something that looks good, feels good, rides well and your mates are jealous of! Hmm if you have not gone to we will look further.

  • What size tires?
  • How efficient?
  • Petrol or Diesel?
  • Will you be towing much?
  • Leaf sprung or coil sprung?
  • Are you going to modify it?

Well that is a lot of information to think about and we still have not looked at the important stuff, this last bit is also very important for Russian brides, but you can look for one of them after.

  • What age?
  • What shape?
  • How pretty?
  • What colour?
  • What history?
  • What brand?
  • How much?

There are many options for offroading and depending what you want to do any of the following would do.

  • Jeep Cherokee or Wrangler
  • Toyota Hilux/Surf/Prado/Landcruiser
  • Nissan Terrano/Patrol
  • Suzuki Vitara/413
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Landrover Discovery/90/110

These are the models we have dealt with and they all offroad well but they all have some limitations, come in and have a chat as nothing is impossible. We can fit a HQ ute body to a Nissan Safari if that is what you come up with! If you choose the Russian Bride bring her in and show her off too we will all be jealous!

Right I just bought a 4wd and I am new to offroading and need to know what to take:

Start simple and build as needed:

The following is required for my insurance to cover me offroad.

  • Tow Hooks (one front and one back). They should have a certified rating of 10,000 lb. Mount to the chassis with at least two 12 mm, grade 8.8 high tensile bolts and nuts and backing plates.
  • spare tire,
  • jack,
  • simple toolkit,
  • recovery strap,
  • Spark arrestor,
  • fire extinguisher (2kg or two 1kg),
  • First aid kit,

I would also add wheeling buddies, food and a change of clothes.

Getting more adventurous and made some modifications?

  • snow chains,
  • hand winch,
  • chain saw,
  • second Nylon Rope / Strop.
  • Roll Bar with Back Stays on Soft Tops.
  • Appropriate off road tyres
  • Spark arrestor (You will have lost it by now)


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