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The Tow Truck
Vehicle: ’89 LWB Nissan Safari

Tires: 35-inch Maxxis
Suspension: 5" EFS suspension lift
Drivetrain: 4.2 Diesel Turbo, 5 speed.
Performance Mods: Custom Turbo conversion with secret fuel pump mods, Boy racer pod filter.
Other Doodads: Child seat and toolkit in the back.
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes

This is primarily a tow vehicle, with added offroad ability for Family trips and promotion. It looks good enough, does the work, is fuel efficient and has the ability to overtake while towing and going up hill...

The Muss
Vehicle: ’97 Jeep Wrangler

Tires: 36-inch Simex Extreme on Outlaw Bead Locks
Suspension: Custom Nisan Safari and Toyota Landcruiser axle Conversion, 5 link front and triangulated 3 link rear.
Drivetrain: Toyota gearbox and Transfer case, CV Driveshaft.
Performance Mods: Boy Racer Pod Filter
Other Doodads: custom PTO winch (work in progress) backup removable electric.
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes, the right pedal can get to the floor.

This project has been a labor of love and has had a couple of setbacks, originally owned by Temuera Morrison it "kissed" a bridge and was written off. Now repaired and converted during its trial runs and road testing after certification a factory nissan steering component failed and we had control of only one wheel! Once that was all sorted and things were going well the keys went to a customer for a little play, too much power and traction he got things a little wrong and proved the strength of the roll cage! and the fiber glass top proved why it should have been an EXO. Again all fixed and competing it has proven to be a very strong, safe and competitive vehicle.

Best Result: Second NZ National Winch Challenge 2011


The Race Truck
Vehicle: ’90 Jeep Cherokee

Tires: 35-inch Kumo KL71's on Bead Locks
Suspension: Standard
Drivetrain: Toyota gearbox and Jeep Transfer case.
Performance Mods: Boy Racer Pod Filter, weak go pedal spring
Other Doodads: Battery in boot, fuel cell, lexan windows, serious weight management, air horns, hydraulic bump stops.
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes but work in progress, moving radiator, changing suspension, changing diffs.

This project has been given death and resurrected several times, it has had more air time than Michael Jordan and featured in several photo's, in competing it has proven to be a very safe and competitive vehicle often puting more expensive vehicles to shame, it was cheap fast and a good option but needs some work to get it back to where it was after flying a little too high. This project may have seen its last days.

Best Result: First in class South Island Offroad Racing Series

The Buggy
Vehicle: ’01 Custom Buggy

Owner: Peter Turner
Tires: 35-inch Simex
Suspension: Custom coilovers, fox hydraulic bump stops.
Drivetrain: 4.0 Lexus, Toyota Landcruiser diffs and gearbox.
Performance Mods: Fiddle brakes, Diff lock, custom electrics
Other Doodads: Lots of bodywork, On Board Air, rear mounted radiator, heavy drivers foot, up and coming co-driver.
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes, the digital video could be better tho.

This was a project that needed some fine tuning and finishing to get it to this standard, having worked hard the driver and vehicle now work together very well. It has been good to see a customer grow and develop to a serious competitor in such a short period, the hardest thing for us to nail is getting the lexus to work well enough under water. If we get some time to get this sorted the Driver, Co-Driver and vehicle combination will be up at the top of their class!

Best Result: First in Class National Winch Challenge Series 2011

The Fire Truck
Vehicle: ’91 Jeep Cherokee

Tires: 44-inch Super Swampers
Suspension: Custom Nissan Safari Axle conversion
Drivetrain: 4.0 High output straight 6
Performance Mods: Toyota auto, lexus clutch packs...
Other Doodads: Lots of bodywork; custom cage, rockers, and bumpers
Does everything work the way you want?: Until I find the next mod

This was a very cheap transformation that was interrupted by the earthquakes and limited funding, it has been good to have it as a background project and an engineering concept. Adapting Nissan Safari axles to a monocoque chassis to a certification level has been interesting and proven tricky in some areas but the ultimate result will be a far stronger vehicle. Still a work in progress.

Box of chocolates racing
Vehicle: ’91 Toyota Surf

Owner: Stu
Tires: 33-inch Silverstones
Suspension: Custom leaf front and Custom Coil Hilux rear, developing Custom Nissan Safari
Drivetrain: 3.8 V6 Commodore and Auto, Landcruiser Transfer
Performance Mods: PTO Winch, Shortened body, Custom frame deck Rollover hoop.
Other Doodads: Lots of bodywork; custom cage and bumpers, on board air, Mid mount air operated PTO winch, Double accellerator spring, Crazy driver with the man upstairs on his side.
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes but relyability has been an issue, Lead foot V6 commodore and 8" diffs.

This vehicle has been a four-year development work in progress as funds/time allowed while we were trying to grow the driver (new to the sport) into competition (first year all we wanted was to complete the season). The driver has found the sport exciting and upgraded the powerplant, then found the accellerator to be an on off switch, the temp guage to be a thing to ignore, combined with red mist of racing to be a huge buzz making reliability issues with the motor's and with the small diff's having pushed the vehicle beyond its developed limits faster than expected. Having had the issues and knowing the mild mannered minister we tested the vehicle with another more sedate driver and came second in class, so out for a season we are rebuilding a stronger driveline and then letting him loose with something that could be top class, watch out he is coming!

Best Result: Completed event: Thermal Thunder 2010

The Geko
Vehicle: ’93 Toyota Hilux Surf

Owner: Daniel
Tires: 37-inch Maxxis
Suspension: Custom Safari conversion 5 link front 3 link with panhard rear and custom swaybar.
Drivetrain: 1KZ Inter-cooled Turbo diesel with 5 speed manual conversion
Performance Mods: Converted to modified Manual fuel pump, special secret timing and more boost
Other Doodads: Lots of bodywork; rock sliders, guards and bumpers. ARB front and rear. Custom billet front hubs
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes

This was a 9 month transformation that drove in and drove out with an engine swap, new axles, driveline, suspension and barwork as budget, time and funding allowed. The result is a vehicle that both we and the driver is proud of. It stands out in the crowd as a daily driver with serious offroad ability, the added fact the driver has the confidence to drive it the way it was designed to be drivin is a credit to him.

The Arc (We think it was used to launch it)
Vehicle: Series II Custom built Landrover

Owner: Turoa
Tires: 36-inch Creepy Crawlers
Suspension: Custom air shocks front and well no-one knows what fitted in the back they were just on the floor, custom Hilux conversion and 5 link front, 4 link rear.
Drivetrain: Fuel Injected 202 Holden, Landrover gearbox and transfer
Performance Mods: In cab pod filter, custom lightened wiring loom, custom lightened body
Other Doodads: Lots of bodywork; custom cage, rockers, and bumpers
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes for now but there is so much more

This vehicle is one of the originals, and when Noah was getting animals on the Arc 2 by 2 we suspect it snuck on too! This is its latest transformation and it has been through many but all that may be about to change, there is a 350 chev, lexus bits, Hydro ram, steering box, two more air shocks, another body, plans to register and warrant all floating around in the owners mind... Lets see what happens and where it will go for its next transformation!

The Beast
Vehicle: ’?? Custom built trailer

Tires: 29-inch Commercial's
Suspension: Custom leaf
Drivetrain: Dual axles one braked
Performance Mods: Lots of heavy wood, side paneling, hand winch, 24V led tail lights, lots of mounting points, drive over guards.
Other Doodads: Spare tyre and loading ramps.
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes mostly

The beast has been around almost as long as the wheel, it had been re-incarnated several times allowing for recovery of full width 4wd's and offroaders that fit inside the guards. It may be replaced with something custom as it is difficult to get a vehicle up and over the guards safely, potentially an electric winch may be fitted to The beast in its next re-incarnation otherwise we will start building the beauty (another lighter, full width, drive over guards trailer).


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